Building Services

Building Services

One thing we pride ourselves on at KR Ultimate Ltd is in being able to offer our clients everything they need. That means we will always try to do everything we can to ensure each project is finished with flawless precision. We can do this because we have experts in every trade on our team, all with extensive experience in their respective industries. They all know how to work together in the most efficient way possible.


This precision and efficiency is what sets us apart from our competitors, and it’s one of the reasons why we’ve been our clients’ preferred choice for the past 10 years.  Basically, there is no aspect of home or office conversions that we can’t handle. To get an idea of the projects we work on, here is a list of some of our most popular services:

  • Loft conversions – we can make your loft or basement bigger, smaller, less cramped or completely revamp its structure. Mansards, dormers, tanking and sumps are popular choices.
  • Convert houses or offices into apartments – this is a very popular option in London since its vast population needs new homes, plus it gives property owners a lucrative income!
  • Refurbishment – sometimes a home or office just needs a bit of a makeover to make it look as good as new.
  • Home or shops extensions – a very popular choice with our clients since it gives them extra space and it doesn’t cost a fortune.
  • Bathroom and kitchen revamping – we can install a brand new bathroom or kitchen for you, or just give your existing one a whole new look. We can also help you design a brand new kitchen then install it for you.
  • Structural improvements – we can help get your property up to modern safety standards by improving structural deficiencies that make the property unsafe.

These are just a few of the services we regularly help our customers with, but we can help with anything you need. For some advice or a free no obligation quote please feel free to call us on 0208 841 4596.